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"Amplifying Divine Light in All" Church

Are you looking for a church that

  • respects you as already God/ess - Spirit?

  • fosters your empowerment to co-create a better world for all?

  • actively works toward a life for everyone that is loving, joyful, and thriving on an earth that is clean and peaceful?

This is who we are

What kind of organization are we?

We are a completely independent church not affiliated with any other religion or spiritual tradition.

Our primary mission and purpose is to perceive, recognize, evoke, and amplify the Divine Light in everyone. Each of us has a ministry to benefit and uplift others.

Our primary ministry is being a resource for others to know their own God/ess-nature in body, mind, and spirit. Our ministry provides people with direct experiences of their own inherent God-Self nature, and we serve as examples of Divine Light ourselves.

People participate in our Church through various ceremonies, spiritual counseling, eclectic spiritual healing techniques, and groups, classes and programs for spiritual upliftment. We offer individual and group activities, and in-person and at-a-distance activities. These are listed later in this brochure.

Our Church spaces are open only for specific events and activities.

We engage in outreach, but not evangelism. We provide fellowship, resources, and spiritual evolution opportunities for those who feel a resonance with us. We offer training for ministers and spiritual healers.

Our authority is from God/ess on the religious level, and from the Divinely-inspired US Constitution on the secular level. We affirm separation of Church and government. We affirm everyone's God/ess-given inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

What do we believe?

We don't "believe" or impose/require beliefs, only abiding by ethical values. Each person is endowed with access to inner knowing and guidance directly from God/ess. We foster that access. Here are some "knowings" we share within our Church:

About God/ess:
God/ess is the source and the substance of everything everywhere forever infinitely. God/ess is the Force of Creation, the Creator, the Creation, and the Creating.

God/ess is all Consciousness, all Energy, and all Matter. Nothing that exists or happens is not-God/ess or is outside of God/ess.

God/ess has many names, such as Goddess, Divine Love, Divine Light, Buddhahood, and the Great Spirit.

We celebrate male and female aspects of God/ess.

The ultimate purpose of life is to live continuously in the realization that everything which exists is inherently always already, because it exists, one with God/ess and all else that exists, and one with the Creative Power of God/ess.

Every Being is also a sovereign creation. Our primary authority is God/ess's Will, as known by each for self.

Each Being can directly access God/ess without clergy to intervene or interpret. The best functions of clergy are to support, uplift, encourage, and be of service.

We delight that each person experiences their spiritual evolution and awakening, and God/ess, in their own unique way.

About Life:

God/ess has given every soul the power to create its experiences through its consciousness, so it has total responsibility for its own life.

Everything that happens, happens by God/ess's Will for the sacred purpose of providing people with an opportunity to increase their awareness of their Oneness with God/ess.

In our Church, Light-amplifying means Life-enhancing. Each of us chooses to embody and express the highest potentials of human life, to live in the most life-enhancing, life-affirming, life-celebrating ways.

Central and essential to the practice of our religion is that we regard every aspect of the human body and earthly life--including pleasure and sexuality--as Divne, as sacred, and as spiritually uplifting.

We honor our Creator by choosing to be as healthy, thriving, prosperous, flourishing, and happy as possible, and by fostering the same for all others.

A blissful "life in Paradise" is possible in this life to anyone who recognizes and claims their innate Divinity as a Creation of the Divine Creator. People can live a heavenly life, not needing to earn or learn their way out of this life. People are Spirit Masters, not striving human students, or sinners.

Everyone has a Life Purpose which can potentially benefit the entire world. Our special mission as a Church is to help people discover and fully express their Divine Talents.

About Human Relating:

We respect the choices, dignity, and Divinity of everyone, and we encourage others to do the same. We are committed to voluntary, peaceful, nonviolent non-condemnatory relating even in controversies, differences, and conflicts.

Our religion recognizes that there are many spiritual and religious teachers worthy of study, that there are many paths to God/ess, and there are many religious writings which contain some of the spiritual Truths we share.

Science/rationality/logic and spirituality/intuition/guidance/revelation are not opposed. Our ideal is integrated, flexible left-brain and right-brain consciousness that uses all of these in appropriate ways for various purposes.

Everyone benefits when people expand their consciousness to more empathy and compassion, greater wisdom and understanding, more Divine Love, and more of their own multi-dimensional SpiritSelf.

We encourage consciousness and behavior that fosters respect, harmony, and ecological balance among all who affect our living planet, Gaia.

We encourage consciousness and behavior that

  • plans and acts in ways that would make life on this planet optimal for all future generations,

  • and takes into account the wellbeing of all living things on the planet, as an interdependent system.

We support those whose Divine Purpose includes creating and/or implementing ways of interacting in every arena of life that are respectful, uplifting, loving, and peaceful, and that promote optimal well-being for all. We actively work toward co-creating a better world.

What worship services and sacred activities are open for people's participation?

Those asterisked are available to people at a distance as well as in person.


Sunday "Amplifying Divine Light in All" Church Service

Spiritual Healing Clinic

Informational Meetings about the Church


* "Co-creating New Realities" Spiritual-Healing and -Counseling Services

Peaceful Pleasure Reiki Holistic Healing Program

* Readings of Individual Cosmic Essence

* Many articles about spiritual topics

Program for training ministers and spiritual healers

These worship services and sacred activities are all central and essential parts of the exercise and practice of our religion.

If you resonate with what you have read here, we invite you to learn more about our Church and we welcome your questions and your participation.

"Amplifying Divine Light in All" Church

Rev. Alia Zara Aurami-Sou, Ph.D., Head Minister

divinelightchurch at gmail. com

Kirkland, Washington, USA

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