Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Solstice Guided Meditation

A Guided Meditation 

for Summer or Winter Solstice

You can read this quietly aloud to yourself (and others) with plenty of pauses or you can record it and listen. Enjoy, and let us know your experiences by making a comment below!

Whether this is Summer Solstice or Winter Solstice for you, this guided meditation will be equally wonderful. 

So, let's begin by getting comfortable, in a place where you can be and have quiet, and you are not doing anything else. Settle in, take some deep breaths to break up any tension and thoughts and feelings you have arrived with. ...... Scan your body, and allow the tense spots to relax, let go..... Simply allow yourself to immerse in the stillness, the silence which underlies everything else, always, everywhere. 

It doesn't really matter whether you simply hear my words without effort of trying to do what I describe, or whether you do make such an effort, or whether you zone out and don't even hear the words. In the silent stillness we share, all is shared, all is done.... 

From within the silence, send your awareness straight down from wherever you are, sensing when you contact the actual soil of Gaia, and then allow your awareness to spread in a loving embrace of the entire globe: all the soil, the rocks, the water, the cities, the humans, the plants and animals, the mountains, the molten core, the layer of atmosphere. All of it. Allow your awareness to embrace all that, maybe without focusing on any specific. 

How does that feel, today now?......... 

The solstice is a twice-yearly special point in the relationship between our beloved planet Gaia, and her Sun. It is a point in their dance together through time and space. Here in June of 2012, let's become more aware of some unique things which are going on, and have been going on, between them. The Sun is increasingly showering Gaia with light, both visible and invisible. Gaia is also being increasingly showered with light from places elsewhere in the Universe. Gaia has asked for this, has called for this, it's part of her evolution, her maturation, her own journey through time and space. 

This light in all its various forms and frequencies is affecting everything on Gaia. How vividly have you experienced that effect? How greatly can you become aware of it, right now? What is your experience of it? Take a few moments to simply allow yourself to receive impressions of this light, and what it might mean, what it might be doing...... Non-verbal impressions, sensory impressions, impressions of meanings that might gradually unfold into some words which can't begin to capture the meanings.....Meanings that come through the awareness in your cells, through the awareness in your heart, not just your brain's awareness.

These days we hear many interpretations of what is going on for Gaia. Today, now, dive deeply into your own experience, and expand it as widely as you can. Open to new impressions. What's happening to you? What's happening to Gaia? What's going on between Gaia and her Sun? Between Gaia and the rest of the cosmos? 

Maintain, if you will, your loving and heart-felt awareness of Gaia as you gently ask these questions and open to the meanings which flow into your awareness. Allow Gaia, and the Sun, and the cosmos to answer. Set aside what you think you already know, and set aside the need for words. Just know. Know with your cells. Know with all of your awareness. Know something new.

If you will, allow now........................

And in what you have received, is there any gentle yet passionate new sense of what you might want to do, or be, or change, as you go forth with new meanings, new understandings, new awareness? If not yet, perhaps there will be. Whatever all that means for YOUR life, will unfold in perfect timing.

Gaia welcomes your Being and your awareness, can you sense that? Your mutual loving service to one another, is only strengthened, today. And as you maintain your openness to new meanings and understandings you will continue to expand in your own knowingness of "what is going on." Do you feel a sense of commitment to that ongoing expansion? Are you willing to feel that sense of commitment to ongoing expansion of your awareness? ...... Are you willing to be willing to feel that sense of commitment to ongoing expansion of your awareness? ............

Allowing all the love you have for our amazing planet Gaia, and feeling her unconditional love for you in return, slowly and gently add to your awareness this time, this place, the space you are in, wiggle your fingers and toes, take a quick deep breath and let it out fully, and when you are ready, open your eyes and be fully here and now, ready to integrate all of your experience here today, and go forth renewed.


by Rev. Alia Aurami, Head Minister,
"Amplifying Divine Light in All" Church

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